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Pacific NW Concrete: Building Community and Local Economy Through Collaboration

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Our Community-Based Approach

1. Local Roots, Local Commitment

As a local Beaverton concrete company, we understand the heartbeat of our community. Our roots run deep, and we’ve made it our mission to contribute positively to the neighborhoods we serve and grow our local economy. So our customers not only support our local and family owned business but support the businesses we collaborate with on a daily and weekly basis. Whether it’s a residential driveway or a commercial foundation, we approach each project with a sense of responsibility to our community and to enhance the local landscape.

2. Family-Owned Values

At Pacific NW Concrete, we believe in the power of family-owned businesses. These enterprises bring authenticity, personalized service, and genuine care for their work. We collaborate with several remarkable family-owned companies and create something greater than the sum of our parts.

Our Collaborators

Orange excavation truck on job site in Hillsboro oregon

  • JH Bar Excavation, a family-owned excavation company, shares our commitment to quality and precision. Their expertise in site preparation ensures that our concrete projects have a solid foundation. Together, we dig deep—literally—to lay the groundwork for success. JH Bar specializes in demo, grading, utilities, agriculture application, and trucking.

Blue ready-mix concrete truck Portland, OR
  • Lakeshore Concrete supplies ready-mix concrete to the majority of our projects. They are a family-owned company based out of Lake Oswego established in 1955. Most of the materials they use are from local vendors. The owners and employees of Lakeshore are some of the most genuine and easy to work with and that is why they are our number one choice for ready-mix concrete.

  • Cascade Concrete Accessories provides us with the tools and materials needed to bring our visions to life. Their dedication to quality aligns perfectly with our values. From rebar to formwork, they ensure that our concrete structures stand the test of time. Cascade Concrete Accessories opened its doors in May of 2012 by its founder, Andrea D’Amico. In 2022 Cascade joined forces with JLA Supply, which has been around since 1974 doing business as Seco Construction Supply and Sealant Specialists.

Carpenter working on a residential home

  • Homestead Structures LLC is our go-to partner for precast concrete elements. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence make them an integral part of our extended family. Homestead Structures is a local and family-owned general contractor focusing on residential remodels. Joaquin Provines, business owner and operator, and his wife Ariana were both born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and appreciate family values and supporting local business as much as possible by using family-owned Lumber Yards, Mills, and Manufacturers.

Our Promise

Pacific NW Concrete is a prime example of a company deeply committed to supporting the local economy by prioritizing local and family-owned businesses in its operations. By consciously choosing to work with local suppliers and family-owned enterprises, Pacific NW Concrete not only ensures the high quality of its materials and services but also contributes significantly to the economic vitality of the Pacific Northwest region. This approach not only fosters a sense of community but also helps to strengthen the local business ecosystem, creating a ripple effect of economic growth and sustainability. Furthermore, by investing in local businesses, Pacific NW Concrete demonstrates its dedication to ethical business practices and responsible stewardship of resources, aligning its values with those of the communities it serves. In essence, Pacific NW Concrete's commitment to utilizing local and family-owned businesses not only enhances its own business operations but also serves as a beacon of support for the broader local economy, embodying the spirit of collaboration and mutual prosperity.

At Pacific NW Concrete, we don’t just pour concrete; we pour our hearts into every project. Our collaborations with family-owned businesses strengthen our community fabric. Together, we build more than structures—we build trust, camaraderie, and a shared vision for a better tomorrow. We strive to be one of the best concrete companies in Beaverton and our work shows our commitment.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of collaboration. Let’s lay the foundation for a stronger, more connected Pacific Northwest—one concrete slab at a time.

For more information, visit our website: Pacific NW Concrete.

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