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Our Concrete Contractor Blog!

As you look at our website you may think we are a larger company. We are actually a small local concrete company. My husband Amu, is the owner operator, and my name is Shellsea I work behind the scenes, creating this website, marketing, bookkeeping, administrative tasks, customer appreciation, anything that doesn't involve the actual concrete work, I help out in! My husband Amu comes from a long line of concreters. His father continues to run a concrete contracting business to this day, Amu wished to branch out and start a company here in Beaverton, Oregon. So here we are and HELLO from us!!!!

Owner Operator Pacific NW Concrete
Owner Operator Pacific NW Concrete

Amu Brings Experience to the Table

Amu grew up working on concrete, as early as 13 years old, he was out in the field helping his father form and pour concrete driveways, patios, walkways, stairs, you name it! When he turned 19 years old he went on to work with his uncle in a more commercial construction environment where Amu worked on many large scale projects. After more than a decade of this he decided he was ready to branch out and start his own business in the concrete industry. We established this business in 2020 and have growing ever since as a residential concrete contractor.

Thank you for Supporting your Local Concrete Company

Thank you for getting to know us a bit and feel free to reach out so we can get to know you! We are so thankful for all of our customers. Your business helps curate our dreams and goals for the future. We absolutely love what we do and that shows through our hard work.

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