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Beaverton Concrete Company: Building Community Together

Updated: Apr 10

Beaverton concrete company finishing a concrete slab

Our Community-Based Approach

1. Local Roots, Local Commitment

As a local Beaverton concrete company, we understand the heartbeat of our community. Our roots run deep, and we’ve made it our mission to contribute positively to the neighborhoods we serve and grow our local economy. So our customers not only support our local and family owned business but support the businesses we collaborate with on a daily and weekly basis. Whether it’s a residential driveway or a commercial foundation, we approach each project with a sense of responsibility to our community and to enhance the local landscape.

2. Family-Owned Values

At Pacific NW Concrete, we believe in the power of family-owned businesses. These enterprises bring authenticity, personalized service, and genuine care for their work. We collaborate with several remarkable family-owned companies and create something greater than the sum of our parts.

Our Collaborators

Orange excavation truck on job site in Hillsboro oregon

1. JH Bar Excavation

  • JH Bar Excavation, a family-owned excavation company, shares our commitment to quality and precision. Their expertise in site preparation ensures that our concrete projects have a solid foundation. Together, we dig deep—literally—to lay the groundwork for success. JH Bar specializes in demo, grading, utilities, agriculture application, and trucking.

Blue ready-mix concrete truck Portland, OR

2. Lakeshore Concrete

  • Lakeshore Concrete supplies ready-mix concrete to the majority of our projects. They are a family-owned company based out of Lake Oswego established in 1955. Most of the materials they use are from local vendors. The owners and employees of Lakeshore are some of the most genuine and easy to work with and that is why they are our number one choice for ready-mix concrete.

3. Cascade Concrete Accessories

  • Cascade Concrete Accessories provides us with the tools and materials needed to bring our visions to life. Their dedication to quality aligns perfectly with our values. From rebar to formwork, they ensure that our concrete structures stand the test of time. Cascade Concrete Accessories opened its doors in May of 2012 by its founder, Andrea D’Amico. In 2022 Cascade joined forces with JLA Supply, which has been around since 1974 doing business as Seco Construction Supply and Sealant Specialists.

Carpenter working on a residential home

  • Homestead Structures LLC is our go-to partner for precast concrete elements. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence make them an integral part of our extended family. Homestead Structures is a local and family-owned general contractor focusing on residential remodels. Joaquin Provines, business owner and operator, and his wife Ariana were both born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and appreciate family values and supporting local business as much as possible by using family-owned Lumber Yards, Mills, and Manufacturers.

Ever wondered how a top-tier Beaverton concrete company can transform your outdoor space? From sleek driveways to sturdy patios, we're here to elevate your home with our expert craftsmanship. Our team brings years of experience and a passion for quality workmanship to every project. Let's turn your concrete dreams into reality together. Ready to enhance your property's curb appeal and durability? Trust us to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Let's create something amazing, starting with the foundation beneath your feet.

Beaverton concrete company repairing a city sidewalk

Benefits of Local Economies

Community Development

When supporting local businesses, we actively participate in the growth of our community by boosting job creation. By choosing a Beaverton concrete company, we contribute to the development of our neighborhood and help in sustaining the local economy. This creates a ripple effect that benefits everyone around us.

Business-Resident Relationships

Opting for a local concrete company in Beaverton allows us to establish stronger connections between businesses and residents. We get to know the faces behind the services we use, fostering a sense of trust and camaraderie within our community. This not only enhances the quality of work but also builds a foundation for long-lasting relationships.

Environmental Impact

A concrete subcontractor with a boom truck helping pour a concrete slab

Choosing Local Concrete Suppliers

Timely Delivery

We always prioritize timely delivery when choosing a local concrete supplier. It ensures our projects stay on track and deadlines are met without unnecessary delays.

Efficient communication with local suppliers allows us to stay updated on the progress of our orders. This transparency fosters trust and reliability in the working relationship.

Supporting the Local Economy

By selecting a Beaverton concrete company, we actively contribute to the growth of our local economy. Supporting small businesses helps create job opportunities within our community.

When we invest in local suppliers, we are investing in the future of our neighborhood. The money circulates locally, benefiting various sectors and enhancing overall economic stability.

Personalized Service

Opting for a local concrete supplier grants us access to personalized service tailored to our specific needs. We receive individual attention and solutions that cater to our project requirements.

The ability to communicate directly with the suppliers allows us to discuss customization options, ensuring that the final product meets our exact specifications. This level of personalization enhances the quality of our projects.

Importance of Family-Owned Subcontractors

Commitment to Quality

At Beaverton Concrete Company, we value the commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our family-owned subcontractors prioritize delivering exceptional results, ensuring every project meets the highest standards. By focusing on quality, we guarantee durable and reliable concrete solutions for our clients.

Generational Expertise

Passing down generations of expertise and knowledge is a cornerstone of our family-owned subcontractors. With years of experience in the concrete industry, we inherit valuable skills and techniques that have been refined over time. This continuity ensures that each project benefits from a wealth of accumulated wisdom, resulting in superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Building Trust

Building trust and fostering long-term relationships with clients are at the core of our values. Through consistent dedication and reliability, we establish trust with our clients, leading to repeat business and referrals. Our family-oriented approach creates a sense of partnership with every project, emphasizing open communication and transparency throughout the construction process.

Preparing Sites for Concrete Projects

Clearing & Leveling

When starting a concrete project, clearing and leveling the site is crucial for a solid foundation. We remove debris, rocks, and vegetation to create a smooth surface.

Proper concrete placement requires an even base, ensuring stability and durability. By leveling the ground, we prevent uneven settling that can lead to cracks.

Soil Conditions & Drainage

Checking soil conditions is vital to assess its ability to support the weight of concrete. Different soil types have varying load-bearing capacities.

We evaluate drainage to prevent water accumulation that can weaken the concrete over time. Proper drainage channels enhance the longevity of the project.

Space & Accessibility

Planning for adequate space is essential to accommodate construction equipment and materials. Sufficient room allows for efficient work processes and maneuverability.

Ensuring accessibility for equipment delivery and movement is key to a successful concrete project. Easy access minimizes delays and optimizes productivity.

Selecting High-Quality Concrete Mixes

Proper Design for Durability

When it comes to durability, selecting the right concrete mix is crucial. We must understand that the mix design directly impacts the strength and longevity of the structure.

To ensure durability, we focus on factors like water-cement ratio, aggregate size, and admixtures. By optimizing these elements, we enhance resistance to environmental factors and structural wear.

Project Requirements and Conditions

Understanding project requirements is essential in choosing the appropriate concrete mix. We consider factors such as load-bearing capacity, exposure to elements, and desired finish.

For projects requiring high strength, we opt for mixes with a higher compressive strength. Conversely, decorative projects may benefit from specialized mixes with additives for aesthetics.

Quality Control Measures

Maintaining consistency and strength in concrete mixes requires stringent quality control measures. We implement thorough testing procedures at every stage of production.


In our exploration of local concrete suppliers, we've highlighted the benefits of supporting local economies, the value of family-owned subcontractors, and the significance of selecting high-quality concrete mixes. By choosing to work with businesses in our community, we not only contribute to the growth of our local economy but also foster strong relationships built on trust and reliability. Opting for family-owned subcontractors ensures personalized service and a commitment to excellence that can elevate our concrete projects.

As we prepare sites for these ventures, our focus on quality and attention to detail will set the foundation for successful outcomes. Let's continue to prioritize local businesses, embrace family-owned values, and select top-notch materials for our projects. Together, we can build a stronger community while creating lasting structures that stand the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of choosing a local concrete supplier?

Choosing a local concrete supplier supports the community's economy, ensures quicker response times and personalized service, reduces transportation costs, and promotes sustainability by minimizing carbon footprint.

Why is it important to select high-quality concrete mixes for projects?

Selecting high-quality concrete mixes ensures durability, strength, and longevity of structures. It also minimizes maintenance costs in the long run, provides better finishing results, and enhances the overall aesthetics of the project.

How do family-owned subcontractors contribute to concrete projects?

Family-owned subcontractors bring a personal touch to projects, prioritize customer satisfaction, offer flexibility in services, maintain strong work ethics, and often have generations of experience in the industry - ensuring reliable and top-notch workmanship.

What steps are involved in preparing sites for concrete projects?

Site preparation involves clearing debris and obstacles, leveling the ground surface, establishing proper drainage systems, compacting soil for stability, setting up formworks as per design requirements, and ensuring a clean and safe working environment for efficient concrete placement.

How can I ensure I choose the right Beaverton concrete company for my project?

To select the right Beaverton concrete company, consider factors such as reputation through reviews and referrals, experience in similar projects, certifications and licenses held, quality of materials used, adherence to safety standards, transparent pricing policies, and commitment to deadlines.

Our Promise

Pacific NW Concrete is a prime example of a company deeply committed to supporting the local economy by prioritizing local and family-owned businesses in its operations. By consciously choosing to work with local suppliers and family-owned enterprises, Pacific NW Concrete not only ensures the high quality of its materials and services but also contributes significantly to the economic vitality of the Pacific Northwest region. This approach not only fosters a sense of community but also helps to strengthen the local business ecosystem, creating a ripple effect of economic growth and sustainability. Furthermore, by investing in local businesses, Pacific NW Concrete demonstrates its dedication to ethical business practices and responsible stewardship of resources, aligning its values with those of the communities it serves. In essence, Pacific NW Concrete's commitment to utilizing local and family-owned businesses not only enhances its own business operations but also serves as a beacon of support for the broader local economy, embodying the spirit of collaboration and mutual prosperity.

At Pacific NW Concrete, we don’t just pour concrete; we pour our hearts into every project. Our collaborations with family-owned businesses strengthen our community fabric. Together, we build more than structures—we build trust, camaraderie, and a shared vision for a better tomorrow. We strive to be one of the best concrete companies in Beaverton and our work shows our commitment.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of collaboration. Let’s lay the foundation for a stronger, more connected Pacific Northwest—one concrete slab at a time.

For more information, visit our website: Pacific NW Concrete.

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